Side Course - Elizabeth II's Jubilee: Who would be the Queen's best pastry chef?

As the jubilee approaches, the kingdom’s best pastry chefs are invited to fantasize about the new royal dessert.

On the occasion of the platinum jubilee of Elizabeth II, the country’s amateur pastry chefs were invited to invent a new dessert, in keeping with the “Victoria sponge cake” created in honor of her grandmother…the winner of the competition, organized by the royal grocer Will witness Fortnum and Mason and the Big Jubilee Lunch His creativity is on tables across the country during jubilee celebrations from June 2-5, especially for the street party on Sunday, June 5. Similar to the hit show “Who will be the best pastry chef?” ”, all Britons aged eight and over were invited, as of January 10, to develop a dessert recipe ‘fit for a queen’, called ‘Platin dessert’ (Platinum Jubilee dessert). All types of appetizers were accepted, and the first choice was made by the chefs and famous food critic Mary Berry, historians and pastry chefs.While waiting for the wife of the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, and Mrs. Mary Berry to announce the winner during a special ceremony, The Queen’s Jubilee Pudding: 70 Years In The Baking, broadcast on BBC One this coming Wednesday 12 May at just 8 p.m. The Queen’s Jubilee Pudding: 70 Years In The Baking Five finalists out of 5,000 candidates from across the country have now been announced. They will now have to create their creations in front of the judges at Fortnum & Mason. Advised Mark Flanagan, chef and panelist Buckingham Palace judging, “Keep it simple, don’t try to include too many different embellishments, but make the flavors sing.”

Soon in the kitchens of history

The five amateur pastry chefs apparently heard the message and, out of patriotism, included ingredients in their recipe from regions of the kingdom close to His Majesty’s heart, as well as his favorite drink: hence the jam made from Dubonnet. Susan Gardner, 65, a retired former sales manager from Argyll and Bute in Scotland, has chosen to merge the four countries of the United Kingdom in honor of the Queen. “We are a very small country and I wanted to create something that represented the cohesion and unity of the UK, using something special from every part of the UK: Scots raspberries, Yorkshire rhubarb, Welsh muffins, butter and Irish cream,” she said. “I wanted to unite us as four nations and create something that the Queen would enjoy and make her smile, and nothing too heavy that anyone could do again.” An enthusiastic Susan affirms that “The Queen’s Jubilee is the only time we can all come together to celebrate our King and the way you have represented us during 70 years of dedicated service to our country.” We couldn’t dream of a nicer tribute! As for Shabnam Russo, who works in a skincare clinic and lives in north London with her husband and two children, she entered the competition after her grandparents in Bombay inspired her to make a “humble cake for the people,” “a perfect cake. To say thank you to the Queen.” She said, “It was the reign of the Queen.” Elizabeth II is very inclusive.” “It is no longer a country defined by boiled cabbage and potatoes – we have chicken tikka masala and moussaka… It has embraced a multi-ethnic and multicultural society, which is what Britain is today and I wanted my cakes to reflect that as well as the Commonwealth.” And so I made a cake of Indian Falooda. La shortlist du Platinum Pudding est complétée par un roulé suisse au citron et bagatelle amaretti de Jemma Melvin, une rédactrice de 31 ans, ainsi qu’une tarte aux fruits de la passion et à la Kat frangipane au thyn Macym musicienne de 29. Platinium Jubilee Pudding is set to delight millions of Britons as gourmets and patriots this June, before returning to the kitchens of history.

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