Simeone: "Elegimos esta profesión para llegar a estos momentos"

One day from the end, relying on himself to be a hero, Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone did not understand “another word that he should not dilute” while highlighting the team over the singularity in the Osasuna 2-1 match and expressing who chose this profession “to reach this moment”.

“It’s our life. We choose this profession and try our best to reach these moments. Later on, it’s a sport. It’s your turn to win and some will lose,” he said at the Wanda Metropolitano’s teleconference press conference, where he won 2-1 while he was one victory away. Than being a hero. He should win in Valladolid.

He will prepare her with the “same enthusiasm” that came “2011 to coach the team”. “For a fresh arrival, to be a fierce team, a counter player, who can withstand the attack, with a good response to losing the ball … for the fans to continue to feel proud of the team we have. That is the goal. The best way. I don’t understand a word other than not diluting.” .

“I don’t think negatively, but at work, about starting the week first, in search of comfort, finding freshness, and finding the best preparation for the final that will be in Valladolid, a competitor who also needs to win, and nothing else happens and Simeone continued who insisted. On the “linked match” to face Osasuna’s defense.

He arrived in Valladolid as captain, because this Sunday he returned to the Navarrese team. “When we stopped, I don’t know when to drink water, I told them (the players), ‘What we have to do is draw, because a draw will lead us to win the match. “Luckily, Lodi’s goal came out, with a great pass from Joao, identifying Suarez as a regional scorer, as an important player. Stay with the team. The team word is part of what can show everything we’ve done this season,” he explained.

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Luis Suarez did not change until the score was 2-1. “I knew it was a moment when it was not time for him to get out. He knew that with so much play near their goal, with Dembele and he, Joao on one side and Carrasco on the other, something could emerge. He showed up. Celebrate, more than ever.” It’s gone, with hope and joy to be able to be in this moment, which is so wonderful for everyone, “the coach continued.

Simeone was busy only “resolving” his match, without paying attention to Real Madrid’s result in Bilbao: “We had a very good first half, where we had goal positions, where we dominated the match, and it was played in their home. The opponent of the team is trying to defend hard to avoid.” We could score and we had enough strength in the final stage. “

“The second half, it was more of the same until their goal appeared. The team had a reaction. The changes came with a freshness. The moment they attacked us with less precision, we had more power with two goals, Woody and Suárez. The work is reflected in what we have been doing all season. : “We formed a team and resolved as a team in a difficult match.”


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