That's why (today) is the most dangerous place in the world

There is a strip of land that risks becoming a spark capable of bringing the conflict to the point of no return. This is the clash between Russia and the Boy, with all the consequences of the case. he is called Suwałki . gapknown as “Suwałki Pass”, is a sparsely populated area southwest of the border between Lithuania And the PolandToday, it is considered one of the most dangerous places in the world. the reason? To the north of Suwałki lies Kaliningrad, the Russian stronghold with more than 60 nuclear warheads, and to the south is Belarus, an ally put it in Moscow quickly supplied the Iskander-M short-range missiles thanks to Moscow.

Tensions between Russia and Poland

Tensions between Russia and NATO member Poland have skyrocketed in recent days amid Russian allegations that “up to 80 Polish mercenaries” were killed in missile strikes (not confirmed by Warsaw) and the removal of the Polish flag from a monument commemorating the killing of thousands of its citizens by the Soviet Union. in 1940. However, in the north, Moscow is enraged by Lithuania’s blockade of EU-sanctioned goods to reach the outpost of Kaliningrad, besieged between the Baltic state and Poland. The Kremlin does not exclude the possibility that Lithuania will lift restrictions on crossing into the Russian region of Kaliningrad, but is preparing for the worst. This was stated by Dmitry Peskov, citing TASS. We don’t want to rule anything out. We want to wish each other the best and prepare for the worst. The Kremlin spokesman added that this is exactly what we are doing now.

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Poland asks for reinforcements from NATO

This prompted Poland to demand that NATO bolster its security presence at the Suwalki Gap, the narrow corridor of territory that connects the three Baltic states to the rest of its allies and separates Kaliningrad from ally Belarus. We will seek to strengthen this corridor in our talks with our NATO partnersPrime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at a press conference in Brussels after the EU summit. Kaliningrad and Sualki Gap, on Polish soil, will be ground zero for any military conflict between NATO and Russia, as Vladimir Putin will immediately move to separate the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia from the rest of NATO and to support Kaliningrad from the inevitable attacks.

Guided missiles to Belarus

Putin’s final move is today’s announcement that Russia will supply Belarus with short-range Iskander-M missiles, which are among the newest in Moscow’s arsenal and also capable of carrying nuclear warheads. President Vladimir Putin broke the news after meeting in St. Petersburg with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko. The TASS news agency quoted Putin as saying after his meeting with Lukashenko that European countries and the United States have “200 tactical nuclear weapons with 257 aircraft ready for potential use.” The latter said that the United States and European NATO countries are conducting training flights with aircraft “preparing to carry nuclear warheads.” “If they train, it means that they are thinking of something,” added Lukashenko, asking Putin to help modernize Belarusian planes to enable them to carry nuclear warheads.

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Moscow accuses the United States of Kaliningrad

The United States is behind the Lithuanian blockade of Kaliningrad. This is the thesis backed by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, on the basis of which it is difficult to believe that the issue that has caused increased tensions between Moscow and Vilnius is “merely a coincidence.” “The so-called West – denounced by Zakharova – introduced, at the express proposal of the White House, a ban on the transit of goods to Kaliningrad just like leaving a flight from the United States that was supposed to return our diplomats home. ” Diplomats who, he recalls, were ordered to leave the country as soon as possible.

Borrell: The European Commission will “review” the guidelines on sanctions

The European Commission will “review” the guidelines on EU sanctions, according to which Lithuania has blocked the movement of goods between Russia and the Kaliningrad region, causing a threatening reaction from Moscow. EU High Representative Josep Borrell said on the sidelines of the European Council meetings in Brussels. “In Kaliningrad, he says, there is no siege. Lithuania applies the Committee’s Sanctions Guidelines. But Seae (European External Action Service, EU Diplomacy, editor) will review the guidelines to make clear that we don’t want to block or block traffic between Kaliningrad and Russia, but only to prevent sanctions circumvention. Both should be possible and we are working on it. There is no blockage, but inspections of some goods, which must be carried out intelligently, without obstructing traffic “between Russia and its warehouse on the Baltic Sea, connected to the Union by a corridor, the Suwalki Pass., on the border between Poland and Lithuania, which connects the territory with the territory of Belarus .


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