The coronavirus lockdown has been extended in the Australian state of Victoria

In Victoria, the second largest state in Australia, the decision has been madeExtension Lockdown for another week due to an increase in coronavirus cases. 6 positive people were identified on Wednesday, bringing the total number of the new outbreak to 60. According to health authorities, the new cases are caused by the variant B.1.167.1, now communicate “Kappa variant” from the World Health Organization.

For residents of the area, this is the fourth lockdown since the start of the pandemic. Since the end of May, the restrictions have affected nearly 7 million people through travel restrictions, store closures and other non-essential services especially in the Melbourne area. Schools are only partially open and gatherings are not allowed.

Less than 2 per cent of Victoria’s population has been vaccinated so far, also due to delays in organizing a federally coordinated vaccination campaign. Over the past winter (in Australia, the seasons are the same as ours), Victorians faced a lockdown of nearly 4 months to reduce as much new positive cases as possible and avoid further spread of the coronavirus.

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