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Tech giant Amazon, owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos, has been invaded again by criticism on social media. What seemed like an excellent idea for the company: phone booths adapted as relaxation spaces for its workers are a source of ridicule among netizens who compare them to coffins for their small size, which, rather than relaxing, would put a strain on anyone.

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WorkWell is a full-fledged multi-project project that the company introduced at the end of last month, which seeks to make Amazon workers feel better physically and mentally so that the company’s productivity is the best, and relaxation spaces called “Amazen” are part of this program. WorkingWell uses scientifically proven physical and mental activities, wellness exercises, and healthy eating habits to help recharge and energize the body and ultimately reduce the risk of operating personnel injury.

On the official Amazon page they also mentioned that the person responsible for the idea for the Amazon Spaces was Layla Brown, who joined the company to help develop a health and wellness focused approach to injury prevention and healing. With a background in sports medicine, Brown used her experience as an athletic trainer and personal passion for alternative therapies to create AmaZen, the mindfulness practice offered through WorkingWell.

AmaZen focuses on mindfulness exercises and is currently available through self-service kiosks. Employees can watch short videos with easy-to-follow healthy activities, including guided meditations, positive affirmations, and relaxation scenes with sounds.”

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Users didn’t seem to take it quite as relaxed as this project had in mind, in fact, their criticism made the Amazon Twitter profile remove the uploaded video of the Amazon booth presentation.

Amazon created AmaZen to “store its employees” jesteragr

Most users assert that the small size of the booths would stress them out more than just relaxing someone, and that it is astonishing that Bezos, as the richest man on the planet, couldn’t invest a little more in offering his employees better alternatives to relax like an entire room inside the operating room or the company.


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