They launched the world's first cryptocurrency-backed credit card - El Financiero

nexusMain Regulated Digital Asset Corporationat association With the global payment company Master Card Credit CardLaunch this Wednesday The first card “supported by cryptocurrency” From the world.

to launch, nexus was associated with Master Card Credit Card and start paying DepocketThe cryptocurrency lender said in a statement that it gives its users access to crypto-backed liquidity at more than 92 million trading locations worldwide.

“We are proud to announce that the Nexo Card, and Just The card that lets you spend your cryptocurrency value without ever selling it here! Our unique card Linked to your instant crypto credit lineso you can trade cryptocurrencies in your everyday life without sacrificing your future possibilities,” the company explained.

nexus You mentioned that the card, initially available in select European countries, It will allow users to spend without having to sell their digital assets How do Bitcoinwhich are used as collateral to support the credit granted.

the card The card is called Nexo It will offer many functions. It’s tied to a crypto-backed line of credit that Nexo provides. It allows cardholders to use their digital assets as collateral instead of selling them. The line of credit is dynamic and you will be able to use multiple assets as collateral, including BitcoinAnd raised s Ropeamong other things.

Credit card No minimum payments, monthly fees or inactivity fees required. Every transaction is equipped with an instant refund paid in Bitcoin or Nexo token. This means that users Not only can they retain ownership of their digital assets, but also They can earn up to 2 percent of free crypto with every purchasewhich will be automatically available in your Nexo account.

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Available in both virtual and physical form. The Nexo Card comes with direct integration between Apple Pay and Google Pay. Cardholders can add the card to their favorite mobile wallet From the Nexo Wallet app in just a few clicks. Additional virtual cards are free.


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