Neve al suolo da record per Novembre

Weather: This much snow hasn’t happened in the Northern Hemisphere since 1967 (NOAA data), but will it make it to Italy, too?

Record snowfall on the ground for the month of NovemberIt didn’t snow as often in November in the Northern Hemisphere as it did this year: All satellite data and estimates of the US Agency reveal this NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrationin the Italian National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). This is a real record!
Now the question arises: but He will also arrive in Italy?

Let’s start with the official data: according to NOAA/Rutgers Global Snow Lab Snow today covers about 41 million square kilometers in the northern hemisphere, as evidenced by a map Below, where Arctic ice is shown in yellow, while the snow cover still present in Europe, North America and Asia is shown in white.Ice sheet in the northern hemisphereIce sheet in the northern hemisphere
Snow occupies practically every territory RussiaAnd the CanadaAnd the Alaska and much of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. From the diagram we can see how it is absolute record Since the polls have existed, that is, since 1967. We are, in fact, outside the norm of the period as can be seen by following the purple line chart, this year.How much snow fell on the ground at the end of November (data from the Finnish Meteorological Institute)How much snow fell on the ground at the end of November (data from the Finnish Meteorological Institute)

One of the most important indicators is the extent of snowfall on the ground at the end of November Long term weather forecast for winter. Scientific studies support how the expected abundance of snow in Siberia creates conditions for significantly cooling skin at ground level. This encourages early reinforcementSiberian heat tornado.
And in fact, the models start to plot a big chart for the next few days at first Hurricane Rosso Siberia With exceptional values ​​of 1070hPa, then also a significant positive anomaly in geographic capabilities between Russia and Scandinavia. In short Something big is brewing At the beginning of next winter. At the moment we can tell you that the snow will return to Italy at still very high altitudes during this period.

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At least until Immaculate Conception Bridge A series of hurricanes will cause waves of bad weather with rain and snow falling on hills/high mountains. It is assessed later if the cold polar currents will be able to penetrate western Europe and Italy, thus initiating the cooling towards the winter solstice.


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