Title, a barrage of podiums in table tennis... the day's tricolor medals

Crazy fourth day of the Paralympics for the French delegation. With nine podiums for French athletes, including the triathlon title, the medal count nearly doubled in one day, Saturday August 28 in Tokyo.

Historic gold in the triathlon

The day couldn’t start better. In the evening from Friday to Saturday, athlete Alexis Hankwenkant was crowned the Paralympic Champion (PTS4), ahead of his first competitors by three minutes 47 seconds. An unprecedented gold medal, as it is the first time France has won a combined triathlon, Olympic and Paralympic title. The 35-year-old champion contender “You will taste” But it is already looking towards Paris 2024.

A performance that inspired Annouck Curzilat soon after that night. In her first Paralympic Games debut, Savoyard won the bronze medal in the PTVI1 triathlon in the final, with her mentor Celine Bosres. “It’s crazy and desperate, especially after a very difficult year”Said the athlete after the medal presentation.

Power Five in table tennis

Tricolor table tennis players struck a blow in Tokyo by climbing onto five podiums. France’s youngest team, Lea Verney, achieved a small feat: Leaving the Paralympic qualifiers, the 17-year-old was crowned runner-up at the Paralympics, while at the same time becoming the country’s first adaptive sport.

Earlier in the day, Maxime Thomas, Tu Kamkasompho, Lucas Kring and Anne Barnaud won four bronze medals. Table tennis became the biggest single-day medalist, with Matteo Bohes and Fabien Lammerault winning the gold on Sunday and Monday.

Silver fur for her last games

At the last Paralympics, Marie-Amelie Le Fore had to settle for the silver in the long jump (T64). Now the nine-time Paralympic medalist, the 32-year-old gold medalist in Rio has given up her title to Dutch Fleur Young, who jumped 6.16 metres, also taking the world record. “No regrets, I had a lot of fun in the last long jump‘ replied Marie-Amelie Le Four.

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Leaving the Paralympic stage for good, Marie-Amelie Le Four trusts her last competition and her silver medal.  No regrets about confinement, who puts an end to his life as a smiley paratha.

New medal on the cycling track

She won a fifth medal at the Ezo track. The tandem of multi-medalist, blind, and seven-time world champion François Pervis won the bronze in the kilometer B event, a medal that rewards eighteen months of work among French cyclists.

Fourth in trying 1000 million times in 2020 worlds, Raphael Pugier erases that disappointment with this Paralympic podium.  Accompanied by his pilot, François Pervis, the Frenchman took the bronze.

After four days of competition, the French camp is already close to the total number of medals won in Rio (28).


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