Phare de Cordouan

Which French site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site? 39 applications UNESCO ambassadors have been scrutinizing the vote since Friday, July 16. Three French sites apply: Cர்டrdoba Lighthouse (Giront), Vichy (Allier) and Nice (Alps-Myrtimus).

The Corduan lighthouse, built in the 16th century at the entrance to Gironde Estate, with its magnificent architecture and houses Last lighthouse keepers Of France.

  • Vichy and the big spa cities

Vichy, along with ten other European cities, applies to be “Europe’s biggest cities” To approve water treatment And its history worldwide. Since the process began in 2012, Allier Resort has embarked on a renovation project. This application seems to be on the right track because the UNESCO Advisory Committee gave it a favorable opinion.

  • Nice, the tourist capital of the Riviera

Good to have him Pioneer in tourism. With its walkways, castles, lush green spaces and city planning, Nice is a model office for the cultural, heritage and tourism development of France. For this candidacy, the panel’s experts recommended a postponement.

Was the Great Barrier Reef fired?

This year, the sites can be classified by UNESCO. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is particularly in view of the deteriorating condition of UNESCO. Like the city of Liverpool, it could be allowed by city planning plans, which caused it to lose its credibility.

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