Les salariés d'Auchan-Le Pontet se sont mobilisés ce vendredi à l'appel de FO pour dénoncer la dégradation de leurs conditions de travail

Auchan’s staff feelweak workThey said it loud and clear on Friday during a rally in front of the department store Avignon-le-Pontet. And on the occasion of the national mobilization at the invitation of the Force Ouvrière, they asked in particular Increase their purchasing power.

“The cashiers are being replaced by machines and we entrust the business to the customers” – rep David Romanani FO

The union denounces deteriorating working conditions, With departures does not replace. Also on the horizon: Automation of a large part of hypermarket payments. “Money changers are replaced by machines“Fo Auchan who fears, worries”Rejection from clients“.

Marilyn has been working at a cash register for nearly 40 years, and it’s at the end of the line: “We come to work with the ball in the stomach. We no longer have the desire we had a few years ago. Before Auchan it was like family. We were not asked for our opinion, the checkouts were changed and we discovered the new checkout line in the morning when we arrived.”

Foo calls for ‘decent pay scale’

The new payment process began in April. “Auchan replaced the staff with machines and outsourced the work to the clients,” David Romanani, FO delegate, explains. Tellers explain this by automating cash registers, “Queues get longer in traditional checkout procedures and customers get angry“.

The strength of Ouvrière . claims Decent pay scale_ And the hierarchy, a Covid bonus of 1,000 euros, recruitment and training as well as the abandonment of the new collection process” with the automation of cash registers.

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