Who could happen to Vladimir Putin?

At the age of 69 (he will turn 70 on October 7), 22 after being elected for the first time as President of Russia, Vladimir Putin is going through the most sensitive moment of his long reign in the Kremlin. Seven months after invading Ukraine, his forces took control of the same amount of land they seized on February 28, four days after the start of the special operation. Kyiv forces regained control of Kharkiv, which launched one in early September Counterattack in Donbass and restore kilometers of land. Muscovites on the run for a few hours They lost Lyman, an important logistics center in the Donbass.

But Putin doesn’t seem to care. While Lyman returned to the hands of the Ukrainians, he said He was busy talking about annexation from areas Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson (not fully controlled by the Russian army) after, after Farce polls last week. However, the signs of difficulties were different: Accept Chinese concern after summit with Xi Jinping in Samarkand mid-September; The statement issued yesterday by the army commanders who admitted the retreat to prevent the capture of our soldiers. But most of all, protests It exploded into several squares later Partial packing announcement Which will call for the arming of about 300,000 citizens, and the consequent invitation Escape to the border to avoid being sent to the front.


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