Winner of the 6th Phase of the Magnus Court Nielsen Volda, Primos Rocklick Re-Chair

Danish Magnus Court Nielsen (EF Education-Nippo) won the 6th stage on Thursday at the Aldo de la Montana in Guillermo, a few meters ahead of Primos Rocklik (Jumbo-Wisma) in the final bump of the day. Following in the footsteps of Enrique Moss (+25 ‘) and Miguel Angel Lopez (+36’ ‘), the Slovenian is back at the helm of the Spanish tour.

At the start of this 6th 158km long stage on Thursday, two questions arose: Did Kenny Elizonde (Trek-Sekafredo) collect his red-headed jersey the day before? A distinct journey in this long, flat course towards the narrow and steep finish curve (1.9 km at 9.9%) can lead to a split.

To the first question, there is no answer. The Frenchman will not spend the second day in the red after finishing Primos Rocklix’s Aldo de la Montana de Guillero at 4’30.

But the Enios Grenadiers, the Bike Exchange and the Desunink-Quick Step teams take things into their own hands to close the gap and, above all, play with the wind to stretch the bellows. Finally a curb was won by Movistar from 30km away and it trapped Kenny Elizande for a while. Restoration was finally done a few kilometers later, but the efforts made by the French weighed heavily after that. On Friday, he will start 34th behind 4’31 behind Rocklick.

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Calmagen is the first French overall

Race hardening suggests a negative answer to the second question. But finally, one of the escapees was saved a few seconds before the victory. The survivors that day were Magnus Court Nielsen (EF Education-Nippo), Jetze Pol (Burgos-PH), already three days ago, John P ((Yuskaldel-Yuscadi), Bert-John Lindeman (Quebec Next Hash) and Ryan Gibbons (UAE team Emirates) five runners counted six minutes ago.But the hope of playing for stage victory has almost evaporated under the Valencian sun, on the shores of the Mediterranean, as the big teams accelerated, especially under the pressure of the Movistar.

When the final ascent began, it was twenty seconds ahead of Peloton’s very tense head. But despite the favorites’ quick return, under the pressure of Inios, Magnus Court was able to win the stage with a distance of three meters over Nielsen Primos Rocklick and Andrea Bagioli (Disunning-Quick Step), entirely on foot, and then from the moviestar.

With the exception of Michael Landa (+ 27 ” at the end) and Richard Carabas (already arriving on Monday + 27 “), the main contenders for the final victory stand within a remarkable ten seconds. ”Passed behind.

Earlier this Thursday, the after-effects of the previous day’s big fall, which occurred 10km from the end, were still sharp, but the pain eased a little. This was especially true for the romaine bartender. Now more than 13 ‘from the leader, the Frenchman started from DSM “A little more hope than that[il] Did not stay [t] Then [s] Abandoned “, In particular, assured that no fracture would have occurred.


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