With a fantastic free kick from Pellegrini, Roma knocked down Lazio

The derby against Lazio turned mostly in favor of AS Roma (3-0), who won this Sunday with a majestic free kick by Lorenzo Pellegrini.

It was also one of the hot-blooded posters of a weekend of European football, which many thought, but it soon turned into a demonstration. AS Roma dominated the Roman derby, scoring three goals in the first half to beat Lazio (3-0). Among them, Lorenzo Bellegrini’s new free kick was the exception in training at Serie A this season.

Before that, the wolf had already taken the lead in the crowd and Pellegrini was already idle. From the first minute, the Italian midfielder distinguished himself by hitting the crossbar directly into the right corner. Then the ball bounced back at Tommy Abraham’s feet and he only had to push the ball into the back of the net. A few minutes later the England striker blasted a cross from Rick Carstorpe (2-0, 22nd).

The third free kick of the season

A few minutes later, Pellegrini finally buried Lazio’s confidence, with Roma getting a free kick from 30 meters. The Italian in charge of shooting it fired an amazing curling shot that flew over the wall to build a nest in the skylight of the frustrated Thomas Stragosa. It was the Roman captain’s third straight free kick of the season, and he turned strong from a set piece.

Thanks to this victory, Roma are now 5th in Serie A (51 points), two points ahead of their evening opponents. But both clubs are a good distance from the top four, still leading AC Milan (66 points) and, above all, currently battling for a place in the Europa League. For this, Atlanta (48 points but two games behind) and Fiorentina can play spoilsports.


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