After being rescued from the water at the World Swimming Championships in Budapest, Anita Alvarez was greeted by paramedics at the edge of the pool.

Anita Alvarez after being rescued in the water at the Swimming World Championships in Budapest on Wednesday (June 22, 2022).

Anita Alvarez was banned from starting after a dramatic recovery at the Swimming World Championships. Two days after fainting in the water, the art swimmer wanted to compete again.

The dramatic images he saved at the Swimming World Championships in Budapest went around the world: after art swimmer Anita Alvarez (25) lost consciousness on a separate show in the water, her coach Andrea Fuentes (39) badly prevented the intervention.

This became clear two days after the incident: for the Americans it was a farewell show at a match in the Hungarian capital. On Thursday (June 23, 2022) he was already unwell and wanted to take part in the team competition on Friday. But nothing will come of it.

Editor’s note: Photos of the dramatic incident come under the skin and are terrifying. The courageous intervention of many rescuers was badly prevented and we decided to show some pictures as Anita Alvarez is now well again.

Swimming World Championship: Anita Alvarez is not allowed to start the team competition

World Union Video! Shortly before the start of the competition, FINA banned Alvarez from starting, the doctor in charge of the World Swimming Federation later explained to the Hungarian media.

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“There are different types of athletes. Some are better able to cope with such changes in oxygen and CO levels, while others are more sensitive. She is one of them. This game is not for you, “said Bela Merkel, 55, chief medical officer.

For Alvarez, the World Cup medal dream with the American team exploded. The day before she said in Spanish “AS “Yet he promised he really wanted to go into the pool:” My body feels completely normal. This is something that happened before me. You relax, and the next day it returns to the water.

World Swimming Championship: The American Association accepts the initial ban on Anita Alvarez

Coach Fuentes, who wisely drowned on Wednesday and pulled his athlete back to the surface, relied on the verdict of them and American doctors. Then she gave permission to start – then it was collected by the association. So Alvarez was not allowed to start at this year’s World Cup.

Although the FINA imposes precautionary measures only to protect the player, the disappointment of Alvarez, who missed the group stage, prevails.

Team captain Adam Androsco said in a statement: “It is unfortunate she did not get a chance to play in her last match.” However, he did not directly criticize the decision of the World Union. (bc)


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