“You are a legend,” Louane surprised his companion Florian Rossi at Duos mystères on TF1

Luanne’s companion Florian Rossi had booked a very nice surprise for the singer. He first shared the scene with his TF1 show partner, Mysterious duo.

Mysterious duo, the event program presented by Alessandra Sublette, returned on Saturday 12 June on TF1. Singers Luanne, Raphael, Jeremy Verot, Kenji Girac, Clara Luciani, Pinabar and actress Josiane Balasco agreed to play the game. The concept remained the same: two artists who know and appreciate each other share the stage, without knowing who they are singing with. In the middle of their song, the wall goes up and the two actors eventually discover each other. Thus Jeremy Frio produced a duet, without knowing it, with his brother or that Nikos and Julien Clerc sang together Hymn of the First. star Academy. Clara Luciani, she couldn’t hide her emotions when she found out about her guest. But it’s an even crazier surprise that the show is dedicated to Louane.

An unexpected surprise from the father of his daughter, his name

The young woman already thought that her companion Florian Rossi, the father of their daughter Esme, had come on the set to accompany her. He was also behind the scenes to support him during his final preparations. But it was actually to make a duet with her that he was present. She had previously appeared on the channel with her boyfriend in the finale of the tenth season finale the sound, But the two lovers did not sing together in public to this day. “I’m nervous, but maybe you’ll send the mic to my head’,” the young man remarked with humor a few minutes before starting.

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Luan shock!

honestly amazed, Louane He had a hard time ending the duo. “I’m going to die. Why are you doing this to me?”And the She said to her companion while she sings with him a chosen title a few words of love. “You don’t say anything to yourself, because you’re affected, because you’re a hallucination.”asked Alessandra Sublette, very fascinated by the silence at the end of the song. Because we don’t need to talk to each otherLuan replied, apparently still in shock. “You are a legend in particular”, the singer called her companion deeply affected by the situation. The two lovebirds had a hard time finding the words to discuss this moment. Louane He still admits it florian russian I was “person in the world” With whom she preferred to sing the nickname Michel Berger. Binary to find it on this link !


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