We’re not going to lie, the iPad Mini is starting to show its age. This applies to the technical sheet as much as to its design, giving the impression of stepping out of another era. However, many of us dream of a small touch screen tablet at Apple.

Well, it looks like our wildest hopes are about to come true, anyway, as reflected in one of my recent articles. Bloomberg.

Image par Csaba Nagy de Pixabay

According to this article, Apple does not intend to focus solely on the iPad Pro this year. The iPad Mini must also be entitled to a change. And for once, the expression is not overused.

The Completely Redesigned iPad Mini for the End of the Year

As always, care should be taken with the following lines, but if half of what Bloomberg says is true, the next iPad Mini could be a problem.

Therefore, according to our colleagues, Apple intends to release a new version of the iPad Mini at the end of the year. finally ! Even better, the latter won’t be a simple update. It was already a comma mark. The break everyone has been waiting for for a few years now.

This new model will already be an occasion for the brand to introduce a completely new design. Thus, the iPad Mini (2021) will trade its retro look in favor of something more modern. It will even come close to other tablets of the brand.

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Thin bezel screen

So we should expect a screen that’s still around 8 inches diagonally, but with narrower borders. At the same time, the slate extends over a large part of the slate facade.

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The button on the front will also be abandoned. However, it is not known whether the Touch ID reader will be retained or not. On the iPad Air, Apple chose to integrate it directly into the tablet’s power button, but nothing says the same will be true on the iPad Mini. Here, we are talking about a tablet that is less expensive and thus cannot be as ambitious as its counterparts.

The iPad, for its part, should also benefit from the update by the end of the year. And it would, of course, make sense for it to be offered alongside the new iPad Mini, as the two tablets are placed in the same range.


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