Aguero's confessions between Barcelona and the past
Sergio Aguero (Getty Images)

Sergio Aguero talks about his past. The Argentine striker gave an interview to the microphones of “El Paìs”, with a very private reveal.

Football saves lives, literally. This is often forgotten, but instead it is the foundation of every sport. Give many children, teens, and young adults the opportunity to measure themselves by their own physical abilities, and perhaps put them into a very specific exercise regimen. Football has always been the most popular sport in the world.

Many of those who landed between professionals They embarked on important paths that started with very difficult starting points. Football is a salvation for many children who dream of reaching Europe and fulfilling their dreams, especially in the most remote places on the planet, from Africa to South America.

However, there are those who do not even find the opportunity to exercise to get out of difficult situations. In this sense, he gave a great testimony Sergio Aguero During an interview published in These Hours.

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Sergio Aguero during the warm-up
Sergio Aguero (Getty Images)

Aguero and his childhood, suffered revelations

The Argentine striker joined Barcelona this year, hoping to be able to give a new impetus to his football career. At first the hope was to be able to do it with Messi, even if Paul then decided to leave Catalonia to land in Paris. “It was a shocking moment. He was very ill. When I found out, I couldn’t believe it,” Aguero then commented on Messi’s departure from Barcelona.

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Aguero stayed, of course, and spoke into the microphones of “El Paìs”, focusing meticulously on his past and revealing a very difficult side regarding those who were different from his old friends. “I was 16. When I asked about the guys I was dating, One died and the other a prisoner, another was wanted by the police,” the words of Aguero, who recounted the suffering of a boy born in Buenos Aires.

“15 years. I’m still in touch with some of my friends. We keep talking, more than 20 years later,” he commented afterwards. El Kune. A dramatic story that also clearly reveals what was the particular context from which he started his career.


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