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Very young, after five years in the social staff of the governor of New Jersey, she was called to Washington

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NEW YORK – She identifies herself as a Jersey Girl, on her Twitter profile she has a photo of Tony Soprano, and if the happy face of the last tweet is an admission, it’s: The very young Megan Quinn, the mastermind behind the mini social campaign of the official account of the White House That excites progressives and impresses on the Internet.

By targeting Republicans who criticize Biden’s decision Cancellation of $10,000 of student debt for those earning less than $125,000 per yearThe account is shown on their data accompanied by a sentence Remember how the politician himself benefited from the amnesty. wow. Tweets from the account usually receive about ten thousand likes: the first of this series, which points the finger at hard-line Georgian lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Green, passed 692 thousand last night. Green and the others will receive six- and seven-figure loan forgiveness As part of a federal program designed to help people infected with the coronavirus.

The inspiration comes from the net, where tweets have been circulating with the phrase “This is you?” , here you are? , all day, with the same detection mechanism. But what such brazen attacks come from the official presidential account is very unusual. Slowly becoming the number one suspect at the tipping point is Quinn. If you want to know why WhiteHouse on Twitter suddenly became sharp, cool, and devastatingly effective, here’s the answer. They gave orders to someone from New Jersey! , written by historical ink Nation John Nichols (Garden State residents have a reputation for being absolutely terrible).

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Meghan used to give new life to dusty corporate glimpses: Before joining the White House less than a month ago as Deputy Director of Social Platforms, she worked for New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy — starting as an intern in 2017, after graduating from college. – And turned the county’s account into a national issue. Who allows New Jersey to have a Twitter account? One user wrote. Your mom answer half a million likes. Then references to Pearls of State, from Sopranos to Springsteen. The account drew thousands of citizens with jokes and memes, but then provided them with useful information, from winter storms to vaccinations.. Mahin Gunaratna, Murphy’s former director of communications, said he has reinvented the role social media plays in government. Murphy himself, the first Democratic governor to be re-elected in more than 40 years, greeted her by saying that her sense of humor and intelligence would be greatly missed in our office. Now Megan’s stage (and her followers, have quintupled in just a few hours) is destined to expand. The president’s opponents are warning: he will solve with jokes.

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