Cameras noticed mysterious details no one had seen before: that’s all

Mysterious details in Antarctica: Satellite images reveal something strange that causes users to discuss on the web.

Ambiguous details –

There are places on the planet that are more picturesque because of their inaccessibility, places where no one or few individuals have ever set foot.

One of them is Antarctica, the southernmost continent on Earth, located almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle. Covering an area of ​​about 14 million square kilometres, it is a remote, cold and hostile region where penguins, seals, whales and fascinating marine species have found their home.

among the permafrost in Antarctica, Google Earth But he was going to find something strange, or rather, kind of The cave that has been talked about for some time.

Mysterious details in Antarctica: a cave with a staircase

Antarctica, the mysterious polar continent, proves to be an invaluable place for science and research. As one of the most undisturbed regions on Earth, it provides an invaluable window into studying the climatic past, better understanding our present, and predicting the future. In fact, the data collected by scientists here provides us with a detailed analysis of the phenomenon of global climate change and its impact on Earth.

Mysterious details in Antarctica –

The massive ice caps in Antarctica play an important role in maintaining the balance of the world’s climate. Their accelerated melting could – among other things – lead to a significant rise in sea level, seriously threatening coastal areas around the world that could disappear. It is therefore necessary to closely monitor this region to predict and mitigate potential impacts of climate change.

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Despite being a somewhat hostile and mysterious place, Google Earth seems to have found a The little corner is still unexplored By the guy who looks like it looks kind of like a cave.

web hypotheses

From the pictures that have appeared on the web in a short time, the cave looks like one The cavity is accessed via steps carved into the ice. Seeing these pictures, people on the web have obviously debunked their hypotheses. And so, there are those who immediately took this as a sign of a secret base.

However, the truth appears to be quite different. In fact, the most reliable hypothesis is that the cavity is but one A natural cave that has been excavated over time due to weathering.

However, some have emphasized the strangeness of the cave in that it seems, according to the latter, that the ice cave appears and disappears constantly. But this phenomenon, in this case as well, could simply be due to the accumulation of snow that melts periodically.

The cave found by NASA

This wouldn’t be the first time the satellite imagery has been revealed A hole in the ice of Antarctica. NASA actually identified it a few years ago A gap 300 meters high and the size of two-thirds of Manhattan.

The cave would have formed over a period of three years under Thwaites Glacier, is responsible for 4% of sea level rise, as reported by Il Sole24Ore. This may be more to emphasize the speed at which the ice is melting today.

Antarctica –

It is precisely because of liquid water that these cavities are formed between ice and rock. In this regard, the expert Pietro Milillo, first author of the study published next SciencesHe said:

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“The size of the cavity below the glacier plays an important role in the glacier’s thinning processes, as the more heat and water seeping under the glacier, the faster it will melt.”

Could it be the same cave that continues today to attract the most curious people and make them put forward hypotheses about its origin?


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