Celia Lora se asoma a la ventana y presume sus atributos posando en sexy lencería negra

Undoubtedly, Celia Laura He is currently a celebrity thanks to his social networks, and he works daily on various projects, such as his own channel Youtube And promotion of various events. Millions of his fans are now happy to post on Instagram Pictures shown in topless, Stands by the window and flaunts her qualities by wearing sexy black underwear.

Daughter of the rocker Alex Laura He announced that he will be appearing again in the magazine soon play boyTen years ago, she first appeared in this post. However, Celia’s career took off after she started sharing exciting content on social media like Instagram s Tik TokIn addition to your subscription site.

In the past weeks Celia Laura Appeared on the show MTV ‘Acapulco shock’Where cast members are interviewed Reality show Acapulco Beach. To date, the 37-year-old has over ten million followers on her account. Instagram.

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