Chanel loses its lawsuit against Huawei

The French luxury brand has been attacking the Chinese tech giant who wants to introduce a logo close to its logo. For the second time, European judges rejected Chanel’s request to prohibit Huawei from using vertically interlocking arcs of circles to form the H.

A European Union court has ruled in favor of telecom giant Huawei in a dispute between it and luxury goods firm Chanel over the intellectual property of their logos. In 2017, the Chinese company registered a new logo to promote computers, We say to BBC. Chanel objected to the request, arguing that the two arcs intertwining vertically to form the letter H was too similar to its logo formed horizontally to form the letter C.

The European Union Intellectual Property Office rejected the French company’s objection two years ago, claiming that the two symbols do not have similarities and thus the public is unlikely to confuse the two. But Chanel appealed the decision in the European Court. The judges rejected this appeal again on Wednesday, April 21.

Important differences

Thus, placing one semicircle within the other is not the prerogative of the French brand, according to European judges. Although the graphics “It shares some similarities. “ The court ruled that the visual differences “Important”. They notice this in particular “Chanel’s features are characterized by more rounded curves, thicker lines and a more horizontal orientation.”

This decision can still be appealed to the European Court of Justice. For now, the channel declined to comment on the decision, outlining the BBC website.

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