Compagnons, directed by Francois Favrat, a film that values ​​manual labor

To write Compagnons, screenwriters François Favart and Johanne Bernard met with Compagnons du Devoir from several cities: first in Paris, then in La Rochelle, Angers and finally in Nantes. Then they discovered a universe they did not know, A world that values ​​manual labor and mutual assistance.

In the Companions’ houses, young people aged 16-25 live with their companions who supervise them. Young people, mostly boys (only 14% of girls) come from all walks of life, turning these places into veritable “Spanish hostels”. And during its formation, The apprentice must follow the rules and traditions Absolutely accurate.

But how do you tell and move with a young man who succeeds in making a wooden table at the end of the movie? This was the screenwriters’ questioning. So they worked on it Amplifying their inner tensions in the face of a normative hyper-universe Which she reached, as well as to search for a more inspiring career from a cinematic point of view. This is how the idea of ​​her passion for signs came about, which will make her fall in love with stained glass.

In fact, the film tells the story of Nael, 19, with a passion for street art and forced to pursue a reintegration project with other young people. Her last chance to avoid being separated from her loved ones. Influenced by the young girl, Helen, the site manager, one day introduces her to the home of the Compagnons de Nantes, a world of traditions that promote excellence in craftsmanship and pass on between generations. Together with Paul, a fellow stained-glass artist who agrees to take her to train in his studio, Nael discovers a universe with symbols very different from her own… which, despite the difficulties, can give her A new meaning to his life.

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Nag is the one who explains the role of Nael and Agnès Jaoui, the role of Helen and Pio Marmay as Paul.


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