Devin Booker (Phoenix Suns) touches Milwaukee in Game Three of the NBA Finals

Rest assured, Devin Booker, he did worse than him. Sure, Kobe Bryant had a dislocated ankle, but he fell game two and one at eight in the NBA Final (against Indiana in 2000). Sunday night in Milwaukee (120-100 loss), the Suns rear had to settle for 10 units and shoot a disgusting 3/14, his worst performance in the playoffs. ” Obviously I wasn’t good. But there are evenings like thisCaptured the star. The most important thing for me is to win and we didn’t succeed. This is what frustrates me the most. »

Williams Booker, Secret Dialogue

His will to never escape him impresses his partners. He’s also very close to overtaking Rick Barry, becoming the player with the most points in his first playoff.

All this did not stop him from being average at times, capping, before Sunday, under 20 points on four occasions. Every scorer learns to live with reality: to come and miss a lot of shots. Last Thursday, his second high-profile run had us forget the first at 2/10.

Poker only played 29 minutes on Sunday

« He’s been in similar situations. will bounce His coach guaranteed. In addition to the excitement of social networks attributing his poor performance to his brave attire in city shorts before the match, the fatigue can be overwhelming.

Player #1 played just 29 minutes and didn’t budge off the bench in the fourth quarter. Whoever was stunned by his stamina would have ended up running out of breath. He has until Wednesday and match four to regain some leg and skill.


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