DOFUS Temporis 7 registration, how do I pre-register for the new server?  - Break Flip

Ankama announced the new Temporis 7 server! In the program God Asamuda and all his creatures .. Can we pre-register?

It’s official: Ankama announced the launch of its new temporary server Dofus. This is Temporis 7 (or Temporis VII), the servant who looks just unique Play Since, according to the first images, it is not the usual DOFUS classes that we will play, but many creatures from the universe (somewhat similar to Pokémon or the battle of pets in World of Warcraft).

At the moment, Ankama has not talked about pre-registration or registration for this server which the publisher describes as “open to all”. In the coming days or weeks, Ankama will provide more information about Temporis 7.

How do I register for Temporis 7 on DOFUS?

As you read, there is no pre-registration or registration launched by Ankama at the moment. We will keep you informed of any information regarding Osatopia as soon as we have it.

Who says servant Temporis says soA temporary server will only last a few months, which is definitely enough to spend the summer. On the Temporis server, all players start over at 0, so there is no advantage!

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