Jake Gyllenhaal addresses Guy Ritchie tape

PETRER (EFE). – Petrer City Council, in eastern Spain, has reported that this city will host the base camp for the filming of a film by British director, producer and screenwriter Guy Ritchie, author of films such as “Aladdin”, “Sherlock Holmes” and “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”, among others. .

Nogal Film asked Petrer City Council for permission to shoot the film.

Specifically, the production company needs to occupy the entire parking space of the Barxell municipal football stadium to set up a base camp for Guy Ritchie’s movie, “temporarily named ‘The Interpreter’ and starring American Jake Gyllenhaal, who is known as the main cowboy in the city council,” the city council said. In “Brokeback Mountain” statement.

Although the locations of the area where the photos will be taken are unknown, the base camp, with convoys of actors, make-up, hairdressers, offices, restrooms, light and heavy trucks, cargo vans, personnel transport and generators, will be in Petrer, according to the statement.

The request, which was addressed by the film’s producer, does not specify, at the moment, the locations where the scenes for Guy Ritchie, who is also known worldwide because he was married to singer Madonna, will be filmed.

According to a city council statement, “The film will be produced by STXfilms, also distributed in the United States, with Ricci ready to direct the project, as well as co-written with his regulars Evan Atkinson and Maren Davies.”

the plot

The film, which will film Guy Ritchie in Spain, will feature Jake Gyllenhaal as Sergeant John Kinley, who is on his last tour of Afghanistan with local translator Ahmed to survey the area. “The film’s director was inspired to tell this story after speaking with soldiers and translators who risked their lives to help them,” a statement said.

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