LexisNexis, the main legal publisher, announced on November 1, 2021 the acquisition of the startup Closd for an undisclosed amount. This legal technology specializes in digitizing legal processes.

With this acquisition, LexisNexis continues”comprehensive development strategy“All solutions and tools are promoted for”Facilitate decision making” as “To improve the legal security of business and advice,” the company explains in its press release.

Digitizing legal processes
Closed was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Paris. It is the origin of the SaaS platform for legal professionals to allow them to more easily manage the closing of legal transactions. The platform offers many functions starting with “safe workplace‘intentionally’data roomAll processes can be centralized in one place and information can be shared with clients and/or partners.

The platform also offers an electronic signature service based on DocuSign and CertEurope technologies. This is an electronic signature called “advancedAccording to the classification of the European Regulation eIDAS. Closd also provides an electronic vault for storing sensitive documents and original contracts, thanks to Arkhineo’s proprietary archiving technology.

42000 users
The solution is now used by approximately 42,000 people in law firms, legal departments, and investment funds. This customer portfolio can grow exponentially since LexisNexis claims 115,000 active users in France.

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