McDonald’s: le fast-food lance un tout nouveau sundae à la coriandre !

The idea seems unlikely, but McDonald’s did: In China, fast food restaurants serve coriander sundae. Funny combination.

It spoils the life of everyone who does not like it, they smell it everywhere, especially in Asian dishes: coriander can quickly Looks like you’re ruining all your dishes. But if you like it, McDonald’s China has good news for you. MCETV explains it all!

Coriander invites itself for dessert

Because Asian dishes often A little scent that makes the difference : that coriander. It is very clear that the taste of this aromatic herb can turn up very quickly. Or not enough, depending on whether you like it or not.

In any case, he does not leave neutral. and just watch top chef To see the effect of coriander on dishes around the world. But some still resist the invader: fast food like McDonald’s.

If the big American chains succumb to some fads, Aromatic herbs never entered as orderd. At least in the West. But on the other side of the world, creative people are having fun…and discover coriander.

What do we put in a burger? no. Then In french fries, instead of cheddar cheese Or pickled? no more. no, McDonald’s branch in China She decided to hit it hard with coriander. Very strong. I put it in candy!

While France content itself with caramel, chocolate, or red fruit collie in its sundae, Chinese fast food goes much further. How about a cilantro sundae, after all? because Don’t make you wantyou could say…

McDonald’s fans conquered?

If we look at it from France, it is a bit difficult to imagine What can coriander sundae do. Because in the twitching bowl, we have the picture. We also have the picture in curry or guacamole…but we rarely find this herb in dessert.

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No doubt about it Ice cream sundae manages to balance and swing the taste Very present of coriander. but how much? Only Chinese McDonald’s customers have an idea of ​​the answer…but clearly not everyone seems to agree.

Indeed, China’s Weibo is full of fan messages from fast food. Yes, They dared the coriander sundae. Just the appearance, one wonders if anyone could want it. Because the side makes the candy so green…

But some brave people took up the challenge launched by McDonald’s. Some He even seemed to like the idea creators. But to really know, it will be necessary to try in France. I’m not sure the French branch goes that far.

All you have to do is mix up some creamy ice cream With a little chopped coriander To get an idea of ​​the happiness (or agony) experienced by Chinese customers. Unless France has the idea to try a dessert of this kind, but more local…why not make thyme? It’s good too, thyme.


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