Migrants, Berlin gives its approval to the agreement on the European Union Charter.  But Italy is taking time and obstructing the agreement: Piantidosi leaves Brussels early

“We must reach an agreement, there is a qualified majority, and we must then verify that states implement the Charter. It is important that the rights of asylum seekers are respected, and we support the expansion of exceptions in favor of families and minors. Pending negotiations, we accept the compromise proposal presented by the Spanish Presidency “. The Minister of Interior said this Nancy Fizer In a public session in Internal Affairs Council On September 28th Brussels. The text on which negotiations ended last July did not convince Germany, which announced its abstention from voting, waiting for guarantees. “For example, countries” requesting the activation of a state of emergency “must ensure that they take full advantage of the situation.” Regular measurements“It is important that the European Union decides” on the crisis request “by a qualified majority”, Vizar repeated herself upon her arrival in Brussels. German support, which could also be joined by Dutch support, would guarantee the agreement with one Qualified majority. Tripartite talks will finally begin between the Council, the Commission and the EU Parliament, which will then have to vote on the final text. Unless there are new setbacks: “Rome is asking for time, there is a risk of new delays regarding migrants,” EU sources told the agencies after the Italian Interior Minister, Matteo Piantidosi He left the summit early without speaking publicly or making any external statements. The reason may be that there is a regulation regarding Ong, is already at the center of the controversy between Rome and Berlin. The article aims to prevent the “exploitation” of the work of humanitarian organizations in the Mediterranean. This was confirmed by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani: “The Minister of Interior is evaluating. Italy did not refuse, we asked for time to examine the matter.”

The negotiations had already been postponed over the summer due to disagreements over the so-called Crisis organizing, which in the event of a certain migration pressure on one or more EU countries determines which burdens will be shared but also applies special expedited border procedures for examining asylum applications, with the risk of reducing protection for the migrants seeking protection. Minister Weiser, who received the order not to abstain from voting directly on the file, said: “It is important for us that in the event of a crisis or exploitation of migrants, it is ensured that the standards” related to asylum are not lowered. “From the German Chancellor Olaf SchulzHe was supposed to impose himself in the government to ensure obtaining the green light from Germany, also overcoming the reservations of the Green Party, which is still skeptical about the guarantees contained in the Spanish presidential proposal. The historical allies of the Italian ruling majority are decidedly opposed to the agreement and practice of qualified majorities, starting with Poland And Hungarywhich along with Austria And Czech Republic They had already rejected the script. Regulating crisis management in the EU Migration Pact “will open more doors and allow more irregular migrants to enter the EU, and will act as a magnet.” “We cannot accept that, because it means that human traffickers will have the decision in their hands,” the Hungarian Minister Delegate of the Interior said. penny retafariEchoing Prime Minister Viktor Orbán who spoke of a “crazy idea” and a “failed agreement.” “The regulation on the crisis does not answer all the questions that this phenomenon poses to us,” the Polish Foreign Ministry’s Undersecretary said again during the plenary session of the Council. Bartosz Grodecki. “We should certainly get the compact done in this Legislature but I don’t think we’re going to solve it that way.”

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News of Berlin’s approval comes after Italy complained about German funds for some NGOs working in the Mediterranean. Giorgia Meloni did this directly through a letter to Schulz, who however limited himself to promising a response, without expecting that “Italy has been aware of the matter since November.” The political agreement in the Council also comes in the wake of the meeting held in Rome between Georgia Meloni And Emmanuel Macron, rivals since the formation of the Italian government. But after the meeting, it was the Elysee that congratulated itself, because “since the recent Lampedusa Meloni crisis, the European support card is now being played,” Paris explained in a note, adding that the two countries would strengthen a common position for Malta as the next summit will be held on September 29 in Valletta. Med 9 Which also brings together Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Malta and the latest arrivals Slovenia and Croatia. The partners to whom Meloni wrote reiterate that the migration issue is a priority for Italy, which appreciates the positive developments following the visit to Lampedusa with Ursula von der Leyen And the ten-point plan announced by the Chairman of the Commission. But Italy appears to remain focused on defending its borders and trying to prevent departures from North Africa.

Interior Minister Cultivate yourself He did not speak during the public sessions of the meeting, nor did he make any statements upon his departure from the Council, which he left before the deadline, heading to Palermo, where two bilateral meetings with the Interior Ministers were scheduled to be held. Libya and Tunisia, the topic still revolves around the goal of slowing the departure of migrants. Moreover, agreeing on the EU Charter will not change things much for our country. the Dublin Regulations In fact, for countries of first entry like ours, the time required to examine asylum applications extends from 12 to 24 months. There will never be a real one redistribution Among EU countries, not even in times of crisis, because acceptance of applicant quotas is not obligatory and can be avoided by paying a contribution to the case to finance the costs incurred by the most exposed countries. The words of Danish Minister of Immigration and Integration Kari Dobvad Beck are clear in this sense. He said on the sidelines of the meeting, “We do not need to move toward more openings in the text, as pushing toward a more open direction could create problems,” but he said he was “optimistic” about the possibility of reaching a political agreement. .

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The question of what it is called also remains to be determined “Safe” third countries.. There is no agreement on the concept yet. The results of the last meeting of the Luxembourg Home Affairs Council on 8 June were announced as a victory for the Meloni government, but starting from Berlin’s position, the outcome is not at all clear, and the famous “Catro” law introduced by Italy could remain secret. Exposed to. Last but not least, the idea relaunched by the Italian government, and particularly supported by Piantidosi, is a new European naval mission in the central Mediterranean to try to reduce flows from North Africa. At the moment there are no comparisons, the source explained to the agency. Adenchronos. “There have already been naval operations in the past, such as Operation Sophia, requested by the then High Representative Federica Mogherini. The mission was ‘terminated’ by the will Conte’s first governmentHe indicated that he considered it the source of arrival of illegal immigrants who were rescued at sea.


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