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Belarusian President welcomes the leader of the Kremlin. New attacks on the capital are under way. Belarus deploys Moscow missiles

From our correspondent
Kyiv – the “rebel” ally Alexander Lukashenko He did not miss anything from the ceremonial reception of the Kremlin leader. Flowers, hostesses, sweets. Obviously Discreet welcome in person at Minsk airportWhile many observers remember how in fact Lukashenko is not a “rebel” at all but is willing to do whatever Vladimir Putin asks of him.

Whatever the truth, yesterday after the meeting, the first in person since 2019, Lukashenko announcedDeployment of S-400 Iskander missiles Delivered from Russia. And not only. Minsk and Moscow agreed Continue joint military operations The creation of a joint air defense space was discussed. Promises continued with Putin’s reassurances about the rumored takeover of Belarus. Russia has no interest in assimilating anyone. Today we can say unequivocally: together we managed not only to survive, but also to find opportunities for the development of our economies. Maintain working relations “with many counterparts, including Macron”.

Of Kyiv, however, it has been repeated several times, Fear that the Kremlin will put pressure on the Belarusian regime To drag him into an invasion of Ukraine with him, or to attempt another offensive from the territory of Belarus, is justified. In recent days, he chose the Ukrainian General Valery ZalognyEconomyR Suppose A new offensive against Kyiv in the first months of next year. However, this scenario has been denied by the White House in recent days, especially since Moscow’s military now seems to have very few forces, especially on the ground.

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However, the situation is still different in the skies over Ukraine. Yesterday morning, just before dawn, another attack again left Kyiv and other regions partially without light. The Armed Forces of Ukraine said it was shot down 30 of the 35 kamikaze drones were launched from the Sea of ​​Azov. Ukraine’s Atomic Energy Agency also accuses Russia of flying a drone over a nuclear power plant in the Mykolaiv region, and of committing an “absolutely unacceptable violation of nuclear safety”.

On the other hand, the warships of the Russian Pacific Fleet left to participate in joint naval exercises with China. While Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova threatens again: “Moscow asks the Biden administration to soberly assess the situation and refrain from dangerous escalation.”

December 19, 2022 (change of December 19, 2022 | 23:40)


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