New clues point to a 2024 release for GTA 6

As you probably know, we’ll have to wait quite a bit before seeing Grand Theft Auto VI land on our bikes. at what point? However, this cannot be determined precisely at the moment. If we trust the various stories that have been circulating around the game, including the one that interests us today, we’re headed gently towards 2024 and 2025.. On Monday, Take Two announced its acquisition of Zynga for $9 billion, along with 14% growth through 2024. According to analysts’ comments at Axios, reported by VGC, the publisher could release a headline by the end of fiscal year 2023/2024, March 31, 2024. As noted. Tom Henderson sur Twitter, growth of 14% is still somewhat limited for a release of this caliber: thus it is clear that the expectations of GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2, which significantly boosted the publisher’s revenue (110% for the first and 60% for the second game).

Previous GTA 5

An analysis among many, but it echoes a precedent relating to the Grand Theft Auto series. It is assumed that Take Two did the same with GTA 5, leaving clues through financial goals indicating exit from the game for the 2012/13 fiscal year, Before finally lowering his goals and releasing the fifth ecclesiastical episode at the end of 2013.

Going back a bit to the news of the series, we also remember that last year, Jason Schreyer teased a belated release for the next episode of the T2 steamroller: after numerous criticisms of the company’s toxic culture, the publisher decided to calm things down and focus on the well-being of its teams. Excellent measures, but they clearly have consequences for scaling up game development. Therefore, do not wait for the latest news until at least GTA 6 until at least 2024, please pretend to be surprised.

PlayStation 5

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