Now supports DLSS from Nvidia and FSR from AMD

From Rhonda Bachmann
After the release of JRPG Edge of Eternity in June, the role-playing game has now received its first major patch. In addition to many improvements and bug fixes, the new update also has something for the eye. Because the latest version of Edge of Eternity supports both DLSS from Nvidia and AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution.

On June 8th, the RPG Edge of Eternity was released for PC by French studio Midgar. The French JRPG will also appear on Microsoft and Sony platforms by the end of the year. Edge of Eternity has now received its first major correction. The patch notes are long and contain, in addition to the new Bestiary feature, many improvements and bug fixes. Additionally, Midgar developers have announced that Edge of Eternity will support Nvidia’s DLSS technology with the new patch as well as a competing AMD product: the recently released FidelityFX Super Resolution.

Additionally, Nvidia’s deep learning ultra sampling has been increased with the update to version 2.2. This leads to some improvements such as reducing shadows while optimizing the image. Players can also change the sharpness of DLSS using a sharpness control in the graphics settings. In addition to support for DLSS and FSR, there are also other performance improvements in Edge of Eternity with the latest major patch.

Performance has been improved in many areas such as Jungle, Clockworks Fields, Mount Berenroth and Jagholm. To this end, an algorithm has been added that optimizes the number of monsters present on the map at the same time. This should limit performance degradation in some areas, shorten load time by up to 20 percent and improve CPU performance.

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