It should be more expensive than the Bethesda acquisition: Microsoft wanted to invest the entire $ 10 billion in another deal with one of the industry’s most important gaming platforms. Now your purchase is off the table.

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Update from April 21 to 1:02 p.m.:

Will Discord be a part of Microsoft soon?

How is that Wall Street Journal I mentioned, it is Sticking deal From Microsoft is off the table for now. Discord console maker was fully $ 10 billion I offered to take over, but this was refused. The company has investigated good results And she wants to remain independent in the near future.

However, the communication tools company has expressed an interest in three of some of the shows. Including Microsoft. Despite that decision now, Discord continues to consider it Potential investors Around. A deal could still be struck with industry giant Microsoft.

Original message from March 23 – 12:43 p.m.:

A huge deal: Microsoft wants to spend 10 billion

Microsoft caused a sensation last year with a mega $ 7.5 billion deal. Parent company Bethesda, ZeniMax modes I switched to the console manufacturer and thus entered the Wave of change In the gaming industry, including new exclusive games.

Microsoft now wants to swallow the next big fish. We’re talking about the popular Discord chat tool, which practically connects gaming communities together. to me IGN Microsoft wants all of them Ten billion dollars You invest and will spend more than you spend on Bethesda and powerful franchises like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls and Co.

So far, however, it has only been Hadiths and expressions of interestA concrete deal and a deal that is not on the table yet. Microsoft isn’t the only interested party. Companies seem like Epic games or Amazon To be in a conversation.

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Discord is said to have contacted Microsoft during the ongoing negotiations. Also Xbox Chef Phil Spencer Be on board. A popular communication tool like Discord with an existing community of over 140 million monthly users, It would be a great addition to the Xbox platform.

Discord and Xbox, a strong community?

So far, Xbox players already have a choice Connect the account to Discord, To see what friends are doing there. A merger would expand the possibilities many times over.

The proposed deal fits with Aspirations By Xbox to offer a platform that all players benefit from equally. Xbox Game Pass, with the union of PC, console and mobile players, shows this strategy very clearly. One-month Xbox Game Pass membership offer now on Amazon:

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate |  Xbox / Win 10 PC - Download code

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate | Xbox / Win 10 PC – Download code

That would be strife Matching linkTo standardize communication across all platforms. Whether and when an actual deal will be made, of course. We will keep you informed about this situation.

What do you think of Discord’s $ 10 billion bid? Would you be happy if the chat tool switched to Microsoft? Visit us on Facebook and write your thoughts on it in the comments.


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