Ranking of Areas with the Most Green Passages: Best and Worst

October 15 is approaching and so were they 93 million ton green corridor Exported all over Italy. This was reported by the Ministry of Health, which first provided the data, broken down by region and type of certificate.

A new map shows how Italy is preparing to roll out the green corridor for the workplace. Meanwhile, there are many reports that still reach the ministry’s toll-free number, and many difficulties that users have had to download their certificate.

Green Pass, like those downloaded in Italy

they almost 93 million ton green corridor Issued by the Ministry of Health platform, which decided for the first time to divide the data by type and region. Obviously 93 million testimonies It does not correspond to one person. In fact, every citizen can download the Green Passage more than once, after one of two doses of the vaccine, after taking a swab or after recovering from Covid-19.

So there is a lot of information that can be extracted and inferred from the spreadsheets provided by the organizations.

  • 70 million, about two-thirds of the total, was released one year after vaccination.
  • 20 million On the other hand, it is the lanes downloaded after the swab that expire in the next 48 hours, if antigen testing, or 72 hours for molecular testing.
  • little more than 2 million It is instead the permits obtained by those who have recovered from Covid 19, which are for six months.

However, from the ministry’s schedules, it is also possible to clarify how individual regions will prepare for October 15, whether citizens have downloaded the certificate that will allow them to go to the workplace or not.

Green Corridor: Arrangement of Zones

Uneven map of the Green Passage. This is what emerges from the data provided by the Ministry of Health: Not all regions will arrive set for October 15th. The figures shown in the national table should be compared with the population of the districts, in some of these districts there are much more citizens with the green corridor than in others.

  • Areas with greenest lanes. What immediately catches the eye are the numbers recorded in Lombardy, the “previous” area of ​​the ranking, in fact the green certificates downloaded here are 16.5 millionIt is a double number compared to the other numbers that follow it. In the second place we find the Lazio At $8.6 million veneto With 8.5 million Campania With 8.2 million certificates. Similarly, the results recorded in Emilia Romagna (7.7 million), Piedmont (6.5 million), and surprisingly also in Sicily, one of the hardest hit regions this summer, with 6.6 million certificates already issued.
  • Areas with less green lanes. To do worse were two regions in southern Italy, namely Sardinia and the Calabria. Like Sicily this summer, both regions recorded an increase in cases due to summer tourism as well. Sardinia issued only 2.5 million green cards while Calabria issued only 2.4 million.
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Users who have difficulty with testimony: Ministry solution

Despite the ministry’s data, there are still many outstanding issues. In fact, there have been many reports of users who, despite having the right to a Green Pass, could not and still not be able to download the famous certificate, which is now necessary for work.

In fact, most calls to the toll-free number 1500 indicate a sending failure Authentication code, the code required to download the certificate. Many foreign nationals also have difficulty receiving the vaccination but do not have documents or a card and cannot download the certificate.

That is why the ministry decided to address it by finding a solution. Those who failed to download the green pass will be able to show a file documentation Related to vaccine, treatment or swab failure, which will be kept Choose.


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