The Azov soldier who fled from Azovstal before surrendering:

He returned to Ukraine “to avenge my comrades.”Azov’” says a Ukrainian volunteer battalion fighter whom Marta Serafini met on the day Corriere della Sera Who met him in Zaporizhzhya a few days after the surrender of the Azovstal Steel Plant. According to Robert K. , 20 years old, since the capture of Ukrainian soldiers by the Russian army, they have suffered unspeakable torture. The soldier displays a group photo on his phone and says: “Now he is being tortured and his nails pulled out. Instead he died. He came back like me On the other hand, I lost contact with him for a month. Instead he fired five bullets in the leg.”

Escape for the family

Robert says he was in Azovstal Until March 15th. He had arrived with his family at the steel mill: “He was locked in a basement for weeks without water and without food. I had to take them to safety. I had to save myself.” So he decided that day to leave the factory, after the commander told him: “Either stay or fight to the end. Or go away in civilian clothes, if you want to save yourself.” Robert explains that he rushed to his family who had not slept for days: “They were are upset. I took off my uniform and left with a convoy of cars. On the way to Zaporizhzhia we passed 14 Checkpoint Russians. They stopped us twenty times.”

Roberto says his family is now safe abroad. And the Azov soldier does not regret leaving the steel plant in mid-March: “Because I saved my loved ones.” But now he says he wants to “come back to fight and avenge my comrades”. He was talking to them until five days ago: “Some of them are like brothers. They lived in hell and now it may be worse. But I’m sure they will come back. Good must triumph over evil.”

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