The next game shown will look like a spectral retreat

Last week, the Epic online store took advantage of the impending 30th anniversary of the supersonic hedgehog to announce the arrival of the best episode of the past 10 years. As a common thread reminding us that thirty years in a row everywhere is a long time, the Epic Games Store will soon be suggesting that we step back. Spectral withdrawal.

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The nearly ubiquitous narrative (and thus spectral) puzzle game The Spectrum Retreat was released in the fall of 2018, and will be downloaded for free from the popular online store on July 1st. As if to remind you of the impending arrival of summer vacation and the accompanying vehicle deportation, the 2016 BAFTA award winning game invites you to walk the corridors of an average hotel, but a simple phone call will quickly turn your stay into such a complex experience.

Room service!

Those who still hesitate to spend the tidy €0 to try this narrative adventure will be able to re-read our test published in 2018 in their spare time., just to see if game designer Dan Smith’s first game is the kind that makes you leave dawn without asking for your comfort, or rather one that pushes you back into the room at 11am, just to enjoy it until the end.

Spectrum Retreat will be free to download from the Epic Games Store July 1-8, based on check-in.


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