They have been missing since Monday.  Horror after riding a bike

ambiguity in Usesin stateOklahoma where the bodies four The friends who disappeared earlier in the week have been found in the river deep forkSouthwest of Okmulgee, near Tulsa, according to US media reports CBS News.

35-year-old man found dead at sea: disease hypothesis, body a few steps from shore

They died in the river

were the victims Mark Chastain32 years, Billy Chastain30, Alex Stephensand 29 and Mike Sparks, 32 years. According to initial reports, the four friends left Billy Chastain’s home on a bike on Sunday around 8pm. First they went to a scrap yard, then to a gas station, and then to another scrap yard. At least two of them had cell phones, which allowed the police to track their steps, but at some point the signal disappeared.

Customers are now searching for their bikes, awaiting an autopsy to shed some light on what happened. Local Police Chief John Prentice said the four friends were reported missing on Monday, acknowledging he still couldn’t figure out what had happened. Among the hypotheses is the stunt that ended in tragedy.

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