Tottenham beat Manchester City

At times, Tottenham played against the Manchester City wall. At Etihad, Spurs took the lead three times and could bounce back in the championship race.

Hit three times, it counted twice: match winner Harry Kane (left).
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How Cardiola and Conte will try against each other may be in the newspaper. The Sovereign Table Leader, who pressed and possessed the ball, was the last stumbling Spurs to ambush and then mobilize the transformation team. Not surprisingly.

Why did City and Tottenham do this? Because that’s what they’re good at. First, the guests presented their evidence, and Kane sent his fast son to Ederson, who passed for the courier selflessly newcomer Kluchevsky. Tunnel against Concelo, first goal, 1-0 for guests (4th).

Kundokan: First post, then goal

Coincidentally, Tottenham’s successful post-break in the early stages was no exception, but City gradually took full control. Concelo (17 ‘, 22’) and Gundogan (21 ‘), who wanted to shoot, did more than just knock for the champions, and Tottenham continued to come under attack. Finally, after Loris Captain Gundogan’s foul defense, he had the privilege of getting the right balance (33rd).

Spurs did not even pinch for a while in the second round. However, as the frequency of Skyblues’ chances dwindled, Conte-Elf abruptly re-reported – certainly through their transformation game.

Suddenly Kane, his son and the others began to march, and the City could not control it. Kane Ann Sun, Sun Ann Kane really reaffirmed the presence of the most talented guests (59th). A similar attack in the same galaxy would have been almost 3-1 shortly after (64th).

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Two turns at stop time

After Kundok’s 20-meter flick, Loris scratched from the corner with great force (66th), with Tottenham celebrating their third goal – only briefly. Kluchevsky was offside (74 ‘) before Kane scored. The city could breathe easily, but had to deliver. But Tottenham’s defense, which only allowed sidekicks, did not allow it. However, in extra time, Romero stopped one of them with his hand and fined the house.

Goals and cards

0: 1Kulusevsky (4 ‘)

1: 1Kundokan (33 ‘)

1: 2H. Kane (59 ‘)

2: 2Mahrez (90 ‘, penalty kick)

2: 3H. Kane (90 ‘)

City of Manchester


Tottenham Hotspur



Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor

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Game Info

Mahrez converted a justified penalty with maximum confidence (90 + 2) as Primus seemed to have averted their first league defeat in 16 weeks. But the Spurs faced again, for whom Kane was the third leading and finally acclaimed winner (90 + 5) – which helped them move up to three points from Liverpool City with a win in a catch-up game against Leeds on Wednesday. .


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