What is the busiest port in Italy?  Priority won

Do you know what is the busiest port in Italy? Northern region wins record, read on to find out which region it is.

The busiest port – Viaggi.nanopress.it

The commercial ports are the largest and therefore the busiest. Volume is not determined by surface area but by cargo flow. This is the standard used to calculate the largest port and is therefore characterized by the tons that pass through the port each year.

It is then conducted through recorded data for ratings that record the largest and busiest ports. At the moment, the largest and busiest city in the world is certainly Shanghai. We are in China and about 42 million TEUs were registered here in 2018.

Shanghai port
Shanghai Port – travel.nanopress.it

What are TEUs? It is an abbreviation for twenty feet. So it is the standard size for ISO containers. Singapore is the second largest and busiest port in the world, with 36 million TEUs handled. In third place is the port of Shenzhen, with 27 million TEUs. But let’s see instead the arrangement of the Italian ports.

Here is the busiest port in Italy

In the Italian ranking of the largest and busiest ports, the number of goods in transit was taken into account. We always talk about tons but there is a clear difference with the ports mentioned above which are among the largest in the world. Indeed, compared to the rest of the world, Italians are average in size.

To win the record 62.68 tons of cargo per year, there is a port in northern Italy. We are in Trieste. Here begins the history of the ports of the Adriatic Sea since 1700. It is a very important port that also increased its importance with the opening of the Suez Canal.

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Port of Trieste
Port of Trieste – travel.nanopress.it

In second place Instead, we have another historic Italian airport. This is the port of Genoa Which amounts to 54.36 million tons of cargo annually. This is also one of the largest ports in the Italian lands. Let’s go and see other positions in the ranking.

In third place is the port of Livorno The movement of about 36 million tons of goods annually. It is considered one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean. In fourth place, however, is the port of Cagliari with 35.92 million tons of cargo annually. Years ago, in 2017, it also took third place in the ranking.

Cagliari port
Port of Cagliari – travel.nanopress.it

We continue the fifth place occupied by the port of Guia-Tauro. Here in 2018 there were 29 million tons of cargo. The port of Ravenna ranks sixth with 26.68 tons of cargo per year. The port of Venice comes in seventh place, and it is not far from the sixth place with 26.49 million tons of cargo annually.

Then let’s see the last positions in the ranking. In eighth place is the port of Messina. The port of Augusta ranks ninth while the port of Taranto ranks tenth. The port of Naples ranks eleventh with 17.68 million tons of cargo annually. The port of La Spezia is in twelfth place. The thirteenth place is occupied by the port of Salerno and the fourteenth by the port of Savona. Finally we found the port of Civitavecchia.


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