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From Alessandro Trossino

An activist can challenge a leader. But there are those who conjure up a new party. The former mayor surrendered, but it is difficult for him to agree to a pass with Di Maio

The near future is about government survival
(Even if the numbers are enough even without them), but the question for some time Where 5 star movement goes It seems out of place, because the movement became pirandello, one, no one and a hundred thousand. There was a complete split between the ruling wing and the new official led by Luigi Di Maio
. But there is a lot Characters looking for an author And maybe celebrate: Alessandro de Batista, an established profession as descamisado, who fights his battle in absentia, exchanging the identity of the activist for the identity of the reporter; there Virginia Raggi, who did not provide great evidence as mayor, but gained weight of her own, carving an independent role even with ambiguous positions on vaccines, and then with the battle against the waste-to-energy plant, which was cleared of customs by his successor, Roberto Gualtieri. Then there Giuseppe Contetimer With one foot in the government and two abroad. But there are also outside figures, to be taken into account: Marco Travalho, contiano ad honorem, who pushes to bring the party into opposition. and Michel Santoro, Journalist – Tribune who has gained a new view of his positions that are not entirely pro-Ukrainian.

Is there a common thread in this crazy tangle? Perhaps there is not just one, but there are many. Let’s take Virginia Raggi. It is rumored that he wants to leave the movement. More than just a temptation, it’s a necessity. Because in order to be a candidate you will need an exemption from the two-term cap rule. cricket He seemed to be closed to any restriction but he didn’t say. Otherwise there will be Luigi Di Maio, with whom she had a volatile relationship. It’s a pity that Rays’ streak is combative and doesn’t quite resemble the institutional tipping point of Demani. And so on? There is still an option for Raji to set up a party on his own, using the credit he has benefited from, despite everything, in recent years. Or with grillini and ex.

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Kind of Baptists? The former parliamentarian plays today Being an activist and a reporter. in Russia for Happening every day
Where he searches for stories that confirm his views. Di Batista could return to the movement if Conte, as is now probable, decides to leave the government. At this point, if the roof of the two terms is blown, a lot will come back, including the rays. In the elections, Di Batista could run as a candidate and then, perhaps by ticket with the former mayor, challenge the leader, weakened by unremarkable ballot boxes and join the government. If Conte doesn’t leave, Di Batista won’t be able to come back. What do you do next? The easiest option is the usual one: traveling, making human juices, and shooting ads outside Baricadery. Or go back to the game. Create his own deck or with rays. Although de Batista often recalls the wisdom of a well-known captain on a trip in Rio Napo: If you’re swimming, always wear a skin-tight swimsuit.

Three Footnotes: On De Batista’s Unloved Motion. In addition, the anti-Atlantic line does not correspond to Conte. Third, the guy likes to play the free hitter more than he is the leader. Per, already in November was on tour with him Alessio Villarosa, ended up in the mixed, which spoke of a new party, Su la Testa, with the natural leader de Batista. But the political position? Di Batista and Rage could be compatible, united by strong anti-democratic sentiments, with a tendency to the right. With centrist Di Maio and Conte Labor, the parliamentary arc will be covered. The two can then be joined by another ex, Italexit Gianluigi Paragonwith extreme stances that echo the original Five Star but also with the anti-European right and anti-establishment indifference.

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And Michele Santoro? In 2016 he said that the five stars It’s purely true and Grillo switches between clubbing and insult. With Di Batista, he only shares the line with Putin but not with 20th century cues. He said recently that he would be willing to lend a hand, and thus run for the M5S, if Conte left the government and decidedly to the left. But Conte, as Mattia Feltre says, is the leader of five streams at the same time (governors, paricarius, mediators, waiters and himself). Shanghai could begin to take shape when the first stick – Conte – falls in either direction. Until then the games are open.

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