December 03, 2017 09:10
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(Persia Digest) – The Mounted Martial Arts Championships took place this week in Saryazd, Yazd Province. Twenty-five countries participated in the games, including Bulgaria, Poland, Qatar, Finland, and France.

These were the first Mounted Martial Arts Championships taking place in Iran in the fields of Kabak 2 targets in 2 shots, 1 target in one shot, Iranian archery, the spear, and the sword. Fifteen athletes took part in this 3-day event at the village racecourse. These included riders from Bulgaria, Poland, Qatar, Finland, France, Sweden, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, S Korea, and Iran.

Anna Sokolska from Poland, Anna Minks from Finland, and Christoph Namadi from Bulgaria took 1st to 3rd place; the prizes were USD 3000, USD 2000, and USD 1000 respectively.

Prior to this, the Mounted Martial Arts Championships only took place in South Korea. With the proposal of the Equestrian Federation of Iran and acceptance by “Kin” the Korean President for the International Mounted Martial Arts Federation, Iran hosted the championships for the first time.

Yazd city was approved to host the games due to the registration of its old city fabric as a Unesco site. The games are also called mounted archery.

Although the sport is historically rooted in ancient Persia and inscriptions found in the Arnan region of Yazd are witness to its roots in this place, yet East Asian countries, including South Korea, are seeking to register it in their own name.


Photos: Abolfazl Mohammadi/Mehr News Agency

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