(Persia Digest) – Iran’s National Freestyle Wrestling Team has become the 2009 Asian champion before the end of the games.

At the 2019 Asian Wrestling Championships which is taking place in five weight categories in Xi’an China, Iranian athletes met with their opponents in all five weight categories. At the end of the primary round, 61kg wrestler Behnam Ehsanpour, 86kg wrestler Kamran Ghasempour, 92kg wrestler Alireza Karimi, and 125kg wrestler Yadollah Mohebi made it to the final and 74kg wrestler Nokhodi moved to the double elimination stage.

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Iran’s National Freestyle Wrestling Team won with 3 gold and 2 bronze medals in the first five weight categories and moved to win an early title with four finalists in the second five weight category.

The first five weight category competitions took place yesterday. The three medal winners for Iran were 57kg wrestler Reza Atari, 79kg wrestler Bahman Teimuri, and 97kg wrestler Reza Yazdani. 65kg wrestler Payman Biabani and 70kg wrestler Yunes Emami took one bronze medal each.

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