Jன்rgen Klinsmann writes a letter to Joachim Lowe

They went to school together in 2000 training class, and the friendship between Joachim Low and Jrgen Klinsmann continues to this day.

Following the European Championship, Lowe will retire from DFP for 15 years as national coach, two years as assistant coach and Clinsman. On the occasion of his farewell, Klinsmann wrote a letter to his comrade Lowe.

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Klinsmann writes an emotional letter to Lowe

In the EM edition of Germany’s biggest sports yacht released this Tuesday Football & Family, Which is part of the collaboration between rtv media team And this SPORT1 GmbH First released in early March, Klinsmann directed the emotional words to Lowe.

Jurgen Klinsman on …

… his admiration for Joachim Low and the resulting friendship:

“During a training class for former national players in 2000, I sat down at the school desk next to Joachim Low, whom I met a year ago. And I quickly noticed that some tactical approaches to the well-known jockey were relatively quick, easy and good it impressed me, and this skill Since it is so important for the national players too, I decided to support him after two long discussions when I was looking for an assistant coach for the national team in 2004. The result was a collaboration and a friendship that grew in our own country, even in the difficult circumstances of a world championship and the expectations that came with it. We worked together at times and secretly towards success.

… The era of Lowe’s successor after the 2006 World Cup:

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“Jockey Lowe is the national coach who has played the most games. He was the captain of the German national team for 15 years – we certainly would not have thought it was possible in 2004. For children playing in Youth B today there is no other national coach other than Joachim with less experience …”

… Services of the National Coach for the Development of German Football:

“It has significantly changed the image of German football in the world. We started together in 2004. The Jockey completed it after 2006. Not only the style of play, but also the look of the team and a lot of respect for German football is a long-standing friend of Jogie Lowe’s. Not to be outdone, I would like to quote the Spanish football legend, who said: ‘Joachim Lowe helped me develop a different understanding of football in Spain than I did in Spain and Barcelona.’ In all of my international tours, I have regained my compliments and respect for the progress of German football around the world. , I have heard – definitely a lot more than Germany. “

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… One of Lowe’s strengths is his anticipation for the tumultuous World Cup 2018 and the upcoming EM:

“Even in the most difficult of circumstances, he will not go his own way and let himself be disturbed. 2018 – World Cup in Russia? I consider it completely normal to have signs of wear and tear after so many years. But I firmly believe the jockey and his team have another good European championship. I like him as a colleague. “

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… His preference for Joachim Low after being national coach:

“As a friend, I wish he would have time to meet me here in California after this European Championship.”


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