(Persia Digest) – The sales director of CRRC Chinese company has announced: “We will not follow US advice” and continued “The reimposition of US sanctions will not hinder our cooperation.”

Liang also expressed interest and hope in continued cooperation with the rail transport system in Iran despite the reimposition of sanctions against Iran, and stated: “CRRC Holding rolling stock manufacturers are active in building high speed trains, underground trains, diesel and electric locomotives, and their spare parts.”

He added that CRRC was working on high speed trains, underground trains, and diesel locomotives in Iran, and added: “CRRC is one of the world’s largest transport companies. It was established a century ago by amalgamating CNR and CSR. It has a large market share and a number of its clients include Argentina, Australia, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and some European countries.”

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The sales director of CRRC commented on the return of US sanctions on Iran, saying: “We will not accept US proposals. Their sanctions will not greatly affect our cooperation with Iran, because our products are made inside China.”

Liang stressed: “Our company is interested in cooperating with Iranian companies and Iranian railways.”

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