September 18, 2018 15:31
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(Persia Digest) – Fereydoun Majlessi believes that, apart from groups opposed to the IR of Iran, voters disappointed in Rouhani’s campaign promises are also taking part in recent attacks on Iran’s diplomatic premises.

Over the past few months, and recent days, a series of attacks have taken place on the IR of Iran’s diplomatic missions. This began with an attack on the embassy in London for a few hours, to an attack on a 26-year old guard outside the Vienna residence. A few days ago, the Iranian embassy in Basra was set ablaze, and embassies in Paris, Helsinki, and Athens were also attacked by unknown perpetrators.

Are these attack linked? What is going on behind the scenes, and which groups are involved?

Former Iranian diplomat and international relations expert, Fereydoun Majlessi, told Persia Digest: “There is no connection between the attacks carried out on Iranian missions over the past seven months. The London incident was as a result of internal differences between different groups, when four supporters of Ayatollah Shirazi climbed on the embassy balcony. In Basra, the Saudi influence, Ba'athist infiltrators, and certain terrorist groups planned and carried out the arson on the Iranian Consulate, destroying it. It must be noted that Saudi Arabia had already declared that it is planning to start a war between the groups opposed to Iran and even bring the war into Iranian territory. Therefore, Saudi Arabia must be answerable for the said attacks.”

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He continued: “The Paris attack can be traced back to the MEK exiled group who always hold their summits in this city, funded by various sources.”

Majlessi pointed to the voters who were disappointed by Rouhani’s turnaround in his campaign promises when faced with political and economic problems, and reiterated: “Some groups who voted for Rouhani’s policies in the last election for the lifting of sanctions feel let down by the President’s about-face. They expected him to resist pressures and hold on to his agenda. This did not happen and some of the voters, who have no political affiliations, join in some of the incidents.”

He added: “It is important to note that they do not play a main role here. The organizers of the attacks are other groups who are given financial and political support.”

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