(Persia Digest) – On the second day of the ICJ tribunal at The Hague in Tehran’s lawsuit against Washington for abrogating the 1955 Treat of Amity with the illegal freeze of USD 2BN of Iranian CBI assets, Iran’s lawyers have claimed the US is accusing Iran of funding terrorism in order to avoid responding to charges against it.

At the start of the ICJ court session, Mohsen Mohebi representing the Iranian delegation said the 1955 Treaty of Amity encompasses all bilateral trade and America's attitude towards Iranian companies and institutions, including the Central Bank of Iran, is grossly in violation of this treaty and its provisions.”

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Mohebi noted that the intention of the United States to cancel the Treaty has no effect on the case.

Iran’s lawyers presented charts of Iran-US imports and exports, saying that despite the objections of the American delegation to Iran's complaint, economic relations between Iran and the US continued after the revolution and the Treaty of Amity includes all bilateral exchanges regardless of size and volume.

They added that the US defense in accusing Iran of supporting terrorism has no legal basis and has not been proven. The United States wants to prevent the case from being considered and its approach to Iran is that it is so abusive that its position should not be heard.

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Iran's lawyers at the court pointed to the blockade of Iranian assets by the US administration and noted that US actions are a punishment for the Iranian nation. They also pointed to the 1972 banking act stating that all banks should benefit from its legal benefits and called the action of the American judicial and financial system in blocking about USD 2BN of Iranian assets astonishing.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that Washington's lawyers presented their defenses on Monday. The case will continue on Thursday and Friday.

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