(Persia Digest) – The Football Federation of Iran Disciplinary Committee has suspended five girl players and a coach until further notice for fighting in a match.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that following all the events surrounding the 18th Men’s Football Premier League in Iran where fighting broke out between fans, a number of whom were injured, this has now overflown into women’s football.

At the match between Zob-Ahan-e Esfahan and Shahrdari-e Sirjan in the 16th Women’s Football Premier League, the two clubs were at the forefront of the troubles.

Fighting between the two teams in the match which ended 2-0 in favour of Zob-Ahan-e Esfahan was so fierce that one of the players ended up in hospital.

In one of the images published of the match one of the players is punching an Esfahan team member in the head. This seems to have been the blow that put her in hospital for treatment.

The level of aggressiveness at the match was to such an extent that two Sirjan players were shown red cards and thrown out of the game.

The event went viral in Iranian media.

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The Football Federation of Iran Disciplinary Committee announced today that the fighting included insults, unsporting behaviour, and grievous bodily harm. As such, it had no choice but to issue a temporary suspension for the players.

Citing section 100 of the disciplinary regulations, the federation suspended two players from the Sirjan team and their coach from playing in all the games until a verdict is issued.

The suspended members must appear before the Disciplinary Committee on Sunday 2 June to present their case.

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