(Persia Digest) – The Bavar 373 long range air defense missile system has been unveiled in the presence of the Iranian President and the armed forces top brass, making Iran part of countries with a strategic defense system.

The Bavar 373 air defense missile system has been designed and manufactured in less than a decade by Iran’s defense industry experts. It is a long range high altitude ground-based air defense system based on modern technology and the know-how of Iranian experts, influenced by the local Sayyad 2 and 3 systems.

The system can shoot down aerial targets at the scene of battle with a direct missile or warhead strikes and prevent them from entering its operational range.

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Bavar 373 can target stealth aircrafts, tactical bombers, drones, cruise missiles, anti-radar missiles, ballistic missiles, electronic-warfare aircrafts, reconnaissance aircrafts, and helicopters.

The system can detect up to 300 targets at a time, track up to 60 targets, and engage 6 targets simultaneously.

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