Chinese researcher: Iranian music attractive, creative

Chinese researcher: Iranian music attractive, creative
ID : N-3842 Date : 2018/12/29 - 14:34

(Persia Digest) – Zhao Zhuoqun, Chinese researcher in music and the first Chinese researcher who studies Iranian music, believes that Iranian music enjoys attraction, creativity, patience and appeasement.

Speaking to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), she said she has been trying to study Iranian music carefully as Chinese musicians have no knowledge about the Iranian music. She added that during her studies, she had not been dependent only on the notes of her European and American colleagues.

“On my visit to Iran, I have realized that the Iranian music, like the Land of Persia, has many secrets and it was interesting for me to enter this attractive world of mystery,” she stressed.

Noting that she has made a 20,000-page research in audio and video forms about the Iranian music, Zhao said: “The outcome of the research about Iranian music as well as other aspects of the Iranian culture has been appeared in the publication of the Nanjing University in southeastern China which is the first research ever published about the Iranian music in an academically credited journal.

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She hoped that having studied her research, the people of China would find a more precise familiarity with the Iranian music then before and would be able to have a better understanding from the real Iran.


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The Chinese musician added: “During a visit to Iran last winter, I found the Iranians a kind and peace-loving people and realized that Iran is a safe country completely different from negative propaganda of the Western media. Now I use every chance to introduce Iran and invite those who love the Iranian culture and civilization to visit the country and see the real Iran with their own eyes.”

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