Iranian scientist decodes brainwaves

Iranian scientist decodes brainwaves
ID : N-2888 Date : 2018/09/13 - 09:29

(Persia Digest) – A research team from UCLA, headed by Iranian scientist Maryam Shanehchi, has discovered a new technique to decode brainwaves for a patient’s moods. This can lead to new treatments for depression and anxiety.

Shanehchi and her colleagues studied a group of seven participants who had electrodes implanted in their brains for research on epileptic seizures. The patients gave periodic reports of their moods in questionnaires.

Over time, researchers matched the reports with recorded brain signals to see what each mode is. By using this model, they devised a "decoding" method that can read a patient’s brainwaves and predict their moods.

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This method can have applications beyond reading moods and keep uncontrollable criminals in check.

Shanehchi says: “We aim to set in place a technology that can give physicians a more adequate pattern of what is happening in the brain of a depressed patient at a given moment and provide them with a treatment for what our brain signals tell us about moods.”

She added: “This will provide us with a more accurate assessment of patients’ mental states over time to design a course of treatment.

The research has been published in Nature Biotechnology.

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