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Mirza Ghasemi – A delicious dish from northern Iran
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Mirza Ghasemi – A delicious dish from northern Iran

The provinces of northern Iran, by the Caspian Sea, are a very popular tourist attraction for the rest of the country. Iranians travel there for their holidays, to use the green spaces, the sea, and to savor the delicious gourmet dishes of the region. Local foods prepared in very special ways are an important part of this attraction. In this report, one of the most delicious dishes of this area will be introduced, called Mirza Ghasemi.  

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Drought threatens historic Iranian bridge


Si-o-se pol, or the Allahverdi Bridge, is one of Isfahan’s age-old landmarks built over the Zayandeh Roud River. With the river drying, this and other historic bridges in Isfahan are facing serious challenges.

Iran: Urmia Lake will die no more


One of the officials in charge of the restoration of Urmia Lake in western Iran has said the surface area of the lake will be 4200-4400 square kilometers based on the world ecological index. He added that the remaining areas of the lake which are not under water will be covered with mulch and shrub plantations in order to contain dust particles.

Terrorists attack Iranian Embassy in Holland


Elements affiliated to the Al Ahwazieh terrorist group gathered outside the Iranian Embassy in Holland on Wednesday afternoon, shouting slogans, throwing stones, climbing up the Embassy wall.

The Iranian army’s air force drills kick off


The eighth phase of Iran’s Army Air Force exercises started this morning at the Shahid Babaei air base in Isfahan.

Shiraz Nasir al-Molk Mosque - a banquet of light and color


Nasir al-Molk Mosque is one of the masterpieces of Islamic architecture located in Shiraz, one of the southern cities of Iran. The most remarkable characteristic of the mosque is its stained glass which creates a beautiful rainbow under your feet with the reflection of light on the carpet.

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Ex-diplomat: Not only China, but Russia, India, Turkey will leave Iran


Former Iranian Ambassador to China believes: “A turnover of directors and change of regulations in Iran means that Beijing will not make long-term plans to work with Tehran. It is against this backdrop that large state-owned Chinese companies have left Iran during the sanctions period.”

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The Spokesperson for Iran’s Foreign Ministry has responded to the arrest of Press TV journalist upon entering the US.

Iran ends narcotics and immigration work with EU


Following negative EU feedback and disruptive work against Iran over the recent months, Iran has now decided to end its cooperation with the EU on fighting narcotics and immigration.

Accreditation for Iranian vocalist in Italy


The classical music ensemble, Hannaneh, will be holding a concert in Milan, Italy, to commend half a century of tireless work by Mohammad-Reza Shajarian in music.